Sunday, May 30, 2010

Route 66 Day Three

Correction to my previous post: The rider formerly known as Speedy will hereafter be referred to as Zippo.

Anyway, I'm in Joplin, MO getting ready for our first day on Route 66. This is actually my second trip down the Mother Road but my first one on a Motorcycle. I'm beyond excited. After some logistic rearranging, I've made the decision to take the lead position on almost all our days. I began by rotating lead however, a few days on the road has shown me that Mr. Man is right and the consistency of one person who is visibly in charge is important to a group. So...yikes, now I have to familarize myself with much more of the route than I had intended. Therefore, this is a short post. I'll close with a few things I learned today. Trucks that pull out in front of me very slowly and then continue to drive slowly should go stand in a corner until I pass them. Also, Missouri highways are still awful and they get me lost. OK, routing time. The next blog will be from Route 66!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Route 66 Trip Day One and Two

We've begun our roadtrip. Myself, Mr Man, Spyderman, and Speedy are traveling down Route 66. The first few days are just getting to Joplin, MO where we will begin our adventure. Day One was a long hard tiring push up I35 at night into Denton, TX. Five hours later we rolled out on our way to Muskogee, Ok.

I have really profound thoughts on the bike. I try to hold them in my head but they never stay put. I held on to one thought today so I could put in my blog. Spyderman, who rides in front of me has a Tourmaster Jacket. All Tourmaster Jackets have a reflective triangle on the neck with the pointy side up. I just kept thinking it was like a reminder, "this end up". Upon reflection, that is not as profound as I thought it was.

Today was rather pleasant. We did about 220 miles today. I can tell two things. One, I've been off the bike way too long and I'm out of shape for it. Two, the time I've been spending in the gym has paid off and I'm not in as much pain as I would have been this time last year. So yay for my efforts.

Tomorrow we have a short day to Joplin so we can do a Wal-Mart run and pick up things we forgot. I'm exhausted from the cumulative days riding. I'm pick this back up tomorrow.