Sunday, August 28, 2011


Motorcycling has become a huge part of my life.  I've started changing my life around to make it easier to do what I want on the bike.  I've been in the gym trying to get my body prepared to ride.  I bought a newer larger bike better suited to long distance riding and for dual-sport riding.  I purchased a new seat for the new bike that will help me with distance.  Now I'm really ready to put all that preparing to work and do some riding.  In a week's time, Mr Man and I are taking off on a week long trip together.  It's the first trip we've done alone in years and I am extremely excited.  We are heading North and East.  I know our first night's destination will be Paris, TX.  From there, we'll check the weather and choose our destination.  This weekend has been about preparing for the trip.  We replaced brake pads on my bike and I've done two entire mountains of laundry.  All the clothes I might take are waiting in a pile for me to go through and decide what goes and what doesn't.  My bag liners are laid out ready to receive clothes and other necessities.  So I'm prepared.  I'm done preparing.  I'm reading to ride.